Getting a Budget Gaming PC build

Getting a Budget Gaming PC build

1. Plan out your components

PC Components, especially the high-end ones which are used in gaming PCs, tend to fetch a high price. It would be an absolute bummer if you spent a ton of money of purchasing the components only to find out that they are not compatible with each other. Or even worse, they are out of your budget.

2. Use what you already have

However, some stuff like an HDD, fans and LEDs are compatible with pretty much every build. You may be able to use your old RAM, Power Supply Unit and a few other components as well, provided that they are compatible with your new build. PcPartPicker will help you out a ton for this. Moreover, you can also opt for used PC components. Coming across a suitable Power Supply Unit and Ram shouldn’t be difficult. Although, you must have a queer eye to make sure that the components you are purchasing are not faulty.

3. Do not ‘Future Proof’ your PC

Future Proofing your PC may be a good idea unless you’re on a budget, then it’s an absolutely crappy idea.

If you’re not going to use a lot of memory, or to put it in other words; open a lot of tabs in chrome, there is no need to spend the extra coin for a 16 GB RAM. An 8 GB will suffice for most of your needs.

You can always upgrade your PC by introducing new components in place of the old one in the future when you have a rather liberal budget. Future proofing your PC will hurt your budget. Make a gaming PC that suffices your current needs.

4. Save on Software

Windows in the OS of choice of PC gamers. But purchasing a Windows license from Microsoft will cost you no less than $100. You can try out the free open source Linux OS. But if you want to old school and stick to good old Windows, you can find sellers on Kinguin, which is a sort of eBay dedicated to software only, selling Authorised Windows licence for as low as $30.

5. Skip the Aesthetics

Okay, before we dive in any further, I would like to clarify the fact that I’m one of the many that believe a gaming PC is made from those sexy cases and glowing LED fans.

But your PC dosen’t has to look good to perform good. You can save a ton of money by opting for simple cases and simple fans. The bottom line is that when you’re operating on a tight budget, you should opt for performance over aesthetics. Yet, if you’re hell-bound on having a fancy case, you can score one with under $50.

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